MegaHurts Raptor Exhaust System


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MegaHurts Raptor Exhaust System is being purchased here.

Come checkout an raptor exhaust that will make power and but is customizable to your choice of what you like.

This system is being made in the USA. Your choices range from being able to choose pipe finish and what color emblem you would like.

If you want to see some customer pics go here Customer Pics or go to Instagram @monsterquad

Because of how we like to keep our customers satisfied, when installing your system all you have to do is bolt and mount to your Raptor and your off to have a good time with your new MegaHurts Raptor Exhaust System. But if your having a hard time trying to figure out how to install your new exhaust, this package comes with instructions telling you all you need to get it installed on your raptor without scratching or damaging your pipe. When your receive your exhaust and your get it installed do not wrap header with exhaust wrap.

But you will enjoy this exhaust because every customer has purchased one has always been satisfied.



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